Experimenting with retakes

Every year some students will fail tests. It happens. Ideally, they would study the material again until they do master it, but that is not what normally happens. This year I’m requiring all students that have an insufficient grade to some revision work. In one grade, me and my colleague are also letting the students retake the test, after completing the extra work. This will happen in their own time and the highest grade they can get for the retake is 55%, the lowest passing grade.

Ideally, they should get the grade that they deserve for that second try, but then I would have to allow all student to retake the test and I would not have time to do all the grading. Also, this way it doesn’t pay off to not study for the first test and simply do the retake (strangely enough a lot of students here take that approach when they can….).

Hopefully, this will stimulate them to study the material again and, by making sure they master everything, they should do better on the next test as well. I’ll let you know the results.


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